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And @timmoffitt tells @petekaliner that he support's the #avlh2o referendum t.co/AGFmNChy #avlelect #avlgov
PARC: Poll shows city voters oppose transfer of water system t.co/h47303PN #avlnews #avlh2o #avlelect
Moffitt: Council's proposed referendum on water system 'serves no purpose' t.co/UZWafJBA #avlnews #avlh2o
Bellamy: "If it's the water today, it will be something else tomorrow." #avlh2o #avlgov
Lucky drill! MT @JakeFrankel: Via @blueridgenow: Sierra Nevada won't use #AVLh2o for beer in Mills River t.co/PcW1xOhL #avlbeer
Via @blueridgenow: Sierra Nevada won't use #AVLh2o to produce beer in Mills River t.co/UnW8cssm #avlbeer #avlnews
More Via @blueridgenow: Sierra Nevada won't use #AVLh2o to produce beer in Mills River t.co/Lsbszl3P #avlbeer #avlnews
and on #avl city council: HB 1009 on water/MSD changes t.co/2BcC8zY7 #avlnews #avlh2o
MSD will select contractor for impact study about absorbing Avl. water system. t.co/c2QjPc5R #avlgov #avlh2o
Two major local issues are on the table in Raleigh today. Here's the nuts and bolts of each: t.co/x8usCz0r #avlnews #avlh2o #COPA
To my knowledge, folks should be able to listen to these meetings via the NCGA website. If I'm wrong, please correct me. #COPA #avlh2o
In case you missed it: the study committee wants to hear from you about the water system t.co/I0cfXn4q #avlnews #avlh2o
Today at 3:00 -- @BillBrawley -- NC Rep. on Water Study Commission to talk #avlh2o #avlnews
Committee proposal also sets up granting water-system authority to MSD & adding Henderson County representation to MSD board #avlh2o
Read the draft report: t.co/NCENMGYW RT Moffitt committee recommends merging #avl area water system w/ MSD #avlh2o #avlnews
Moffitt committee recommends merging #avl area water system w/ MSD #avlh2o
Unconfirmed: Recommendation/report on #avl water system supposedly released, calling to take system away; who has report? #avlh2o
Schaller then told #newbelgium CEO Jordan they'd like her "to partner with us on that." #avlnews #avlh2o t.co/bQqbQvYE
Schaller alludes 2 controversy over #avlh2o, says brewers "have some real questions about the water situation" t.co/bQqbQvYE #avlnews
Nelda Holder reports the final #avlh2o hearing is set for April 9, also annexation law found unconstitutional t.co/6WBN4Dme #avlnews
Water-sewer committee set to propose regional water authority? McGrady indicates yes: t.co/96jl57wo #avlnews #avlh2o
MT @gordondsmith: McGrady telegraphs outcome of "Study Committee" Spoiler Alert: Regional Authority: t.co/20YkzcfL #avlh2o #avlnews
Asheville Downtown Association releases video presentation about water system t.co/syHMSVGY #avlh2o #avlnews via @AvilleDowntown
Joe Minicozzi's presentation: RT @AvilleDowntown: Asheville Water Presentation t.co/2XwdMuZd via @youtube #avlh2o #avlnews
RT @mxnews: Fate of Bent Creek property may play role in water system dispute t.co/kDhHWZCQ #avlnews #avlh2o
mxnews quoting: DavidForbes
State-news update: Next water-system hearing March 14 in Raleigh #ncmatters blog t.co/LhYdVOl9 #avlnews #avlh2o
Tune in to @newsradio570 at 4pm today to hear @timmoffitt give the facts about #avlh2o system. #avlgov #avlelect #avlnews
Blue Ridge Now has a good writeup of yesterday's #avlh2o hearing - t.co/1xT5Tb93 #avlnews
fobes quoting: gordondsmith
All about water: C-T: t.co/7oMZr7Eh Times-News: t.co/mtKXinSe CPP: t.co/3UPUZd0f MX t.co/63BjQh0D #avlh2o
End of hearing. Next meeting in March probably in Raleigh #avlh2o
Dean Smith with manufacturing asks that committee decide so that manufacturing will benefit and be able to remain competitive #avlh2o
Avl brewers alliance says they agree with council that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." #avlh2o
Avl brewers speaking: water is a very important part of our business #avlh2o
Says the devil is in the details #avlh2o
Pacewood says we need to work together and think collectively,not in camps #avlh2o
Michelle Pacewood lives in candler, small biz owner #avlh2o
Minicozzi: ada does not believe study committee represents local needs, citing Fisher's omission #avlh2o
Joe Minicozzi of asheville downtown association now reading draft on statement about water system #avlh2o
Says justification of Sullivan acts no longer exists. Asks them to overturn them #avlh2o
Says he is not currently in favor if regional water authority due to past #avlh2o
Dwight says to say people who pay water rates own the system is like saying his patrons own his restaurant bc they pay for his food. #avlh2o
Vincenzzos restaurante owner: there is a lot of nonsense surrounding this debate #avlh2o
. @gordondsmith While I was there, yes, absolutely. #avlh2o @marycaitlinbyrd @davidforbes
Next portion of hearing about to start #avlh2o
Next portion of hearing for businesses #avlh2o
Next portion of hearing for asheville business #avlh2o
Just spoke with Renee Kumor. When asked if she thinks hendo county will ever be able to forgive & forget w/ avl history: forget, yes #avlh2o
Recessing until 4 pm #avlh2o
That's it for the Henderson county residents who signed up to speak #avlh2o
Mary jane pell from edinborough says she would like to see regional authority only if kept in local quarters #avlh2o
Hendo county resident says she fears regional water authority because she sees it as preview to privatization #avlh2o
Says she would not like to see water taken elsewhere #avlh2o
Barbara Hick from southern Henderson county says they have the cleanest water because they have worked to make it that way #avlh2o
Former Henderson county commissioner says she thinks current avl city gov. fighting a memory of bullying #avlh2o
Deborah Stevens saying she does not support regionalization of water system #avlh2o
About 40 people or so are here. All sprinkled around the room #avlh2o
Attendance for this portion is looking pretty sparse at the moment #avlh2o
This next portion of the #avlh2o hearing is for Henderson County residents
With 4 min until 3 pm portion not many here t.co/iKPaOyFo #avlh2o
That's it for folks who signed up to speak during county portion of meeting. Adjourned till 3 p.m. Follow @MaryCaitlinByrd for more #avlh2o
Robert Zieber wants committee to recommend ways to lower rates, regardless of what entity manages #avlh2o
Betty Jackson wants a regional system that takes concerns of county residents in to account, says fears of privatization r ignorant #avlh2o
Fryar: we don't want to take #avlh2o from AVL, we want a new management system that's fair to city AND county residents.
County commish candidate Mike Fryar: Hikes to #avlh2o rates have hurt manufacturing and jobs over the years.
thanks for the dial reading on county comments...keep it up! That's an important stat on #avlh2o...
Dial: Argument that county residents want change doesn't hold up. Those speaking out today wanting change outnumbered 22-2 #avlh2o
Davyne Dial: this process doesn't make sense, so of course people are going to worry about privatization #avlh2o
Jane Whilden and her campaign manager are here scribbling notes. Dem Whilden is running against Moffitt in NCGA dist. 116 #avlh2o
Malt: Everyone who pays for #avlh2o should get a say in it's management. This is a good process.
Malt: as county resident, I get #avlh2o but don't have a say in city management, gov, don't get to vote for city leaders, it's wrong.
GOP activist Robert Malt calls the talk of "privatizing" the system a red herring, notes he's heard no talk of that from com members #avlh2o
ADA's Joe Minacozzi says Moffitt is building resentment between city/county, study isn't fair to city residents #avlh2o
Summers emphasized the "ass" in "assets," eliciting a grin from Rep. Moffitt #avlh2o
Activist Barry Summers tells GOP leaders on committee if they seize #avlh2o that others may come for their "assets" down the Rd
Commish candidate Terry Van Duyn: this process has dredged up old animosities, making it harder to work constructively together. #avlh2o
Rayburn calls study an "ugly attempt to steal the water system" #avlh2o
At BC portion of #avlh2o forum, Heather Rayburn says it's not fair to do this during day, when most people have to work.
Yup MT @MaryCaitlinByrd: When the hearing resumes at 1pm, it will b Buncombe County residents to speak. @JakeFrankel will be there #avlh2o
When the hearing resumes at 1pm, it will be for Buncombe County residents to speak. @JakeFrankel will be there #avlh2o
There's a one-hour break today at the water hearing from noon-1 pm #avlh2o
B there soon! RT @DavidForbes: Committee recessed until 1pm, when Buncombe residents will speak. @JakeFrankel will cover that part #avlh2o
Committee recessed until 1pm, when Buncombe County residents will speak. @JakeFrankel will cover that part #avlh2o
Gillam: Don't understand why #ncga is getting involved with Asheville's water pricing, harkens back to failed principles of USSR #avlh2o
Benjamin Gillam: Want us to continue to have local, transparent, accountable control of water system #avlh2o
Hume: Not seen much dissatisfaction about city's management of water system from citizens, biz, most officials #avlh2o
Charlie Hume: "Struggle to understand the need for this study." #avlh2o
Fmr Asheville Mayor Leni Sitnick: Sullivan Acts single out Asheville, "only city in state burdened by these ridiculous laws." #avlh2o
Speaker: Feel Moffitt causing strife by "fearmongering, divisiveness" trying to help his re-election. #avlh2o
Next speaker: Realtors told me able to live out in county but get cheap rates due to Sullivan Acts. Chose to live in city #avlh2o
Nelson Cobb: Want to keep Asheville water local. It's clean here. "Why are you doing this?" #avlh2o
Carson: Seen no one here calliing for taking away Asheville's water system. #avlh2o
Hartwell Carson, French Broad riverkeeper, WNC Alliance: One of Sierra Nevada's reasons for coming here clean water #avlh2o
Mayfield: Sprawl remains major threat to region. #avlh2o
Julie Mayfield, exec director WNC Alliance: City's been a good steward of water system. #avlh2o
Lite: Water system is an issue of local importance, needs to be left w locals #avlh2o
Elaine Lite: Quite familiar w sordid history. Are there not more important matters for #ncga? #avlh2o
Cheryl Oringo: Want to keep Asheville's water w city. "This change would not be for our good" #avlh2o
Holt also bringing up ALEC, Art Pope donations to Moffitt. Regional authority "camel's nose under the tent" #avlh2o
Kathy Holt: Asheville has some of the cleanest water in country, if not world. Need to protect water, city's done good job #avlh2o
Blankenship: "This committee is worthless" Also no people of color, no women on it. #avlh2o
Michael Blankenship loudly criticizing Moffitt not showing up for some of the earlier forums. #avlh2o
Ho: Don't recognize committee picked for political affiliation instead of representing water system users. #avlh2o
Valerie Ho: A lot of my friends couldn't be here because they had to work. Why having 3 hearings in Raleigh. #avlh2o
Gray: Current study group represents outside agency, needs to disband or have more Asheville representation. #avlh2o
Gray: Asheville raising rates on large users not a reason to seize the system. Want local representatives. #avlh2o
Lael Gray: Want to congratulate Moffitt for getting people paying attention to water issues. #avlh2o
Nelson: Said people outside of city don't have voice in how system managed. But that's a perk of joining city. #avlh2o
Bridget Nelson: Leave water system with city. Moffitt's made guarantees other options won't lead to privatization, no way to be sure #avlh2o
Paul Delamayo: Water required for us to live. Feel this is headed to privatization. #avlh2o
Special bringing up Moffitt's ALEC membership, other legislation. Moffitt tells him to "stick to the topic" #avlh2o
Samuel Special: Dismayed w stacking of committee, absence of evening session. Easily see this way to limit input. #avlh2o
Roose: Seen major improvements in service since Asheville took over water system. Wonder why #ncga is doing this. #avlh2o
Rupa Roose: Capitalism has no place in matters of survival, water is necessary to survive. Access to water a universal right. #avlh2o
Zeiber: Don't see a problem w way Asheville system is managed. If want local authority, locals should be ones to study #avlh2o
Robert Zeiber: Have sympathy for abuse Moffitt's taken, but think he brought it on himself w way committee assembled #avlh2o
Schweitzer: Intent of this study solely directed at Asheville, singling out one group is unjust and prejudiced. #avlh2o
Robbie Schweitzer: Support system remaining in Asheville's hands. Decisions about this best at local level. #avlh2o
Next speaker: System probably worth $2 billion. If you take, will you give me my share as a taxpayer? #avlh2o
Cates: Experienced multiple water closures personally. Might say cherry-picking, but are issues #avlh2o
Audience member interrupts Cates, objects to 3-minute limit on individual speakers. #avlh2o
Cates: Want to address Rep. Fisher. She spoke of balance, but we have none on Council, commish. Many people not represented. #avlh2o
Mark Cates: Asheville needs a long-term solution, more $ in system. #avlh2o
#avlh2o hearing resuming. Public comment from Asheville residents.
10-min recess #avlh2o
Bellamy reading Council's resolution in support of Asheville keeping the water system #avlh2o
Bellamy: "we're not the old system." Spend $ to improve, repair system. Good record. #avlh2o
Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy: Supposed to look at financial stability, we have strong bond rating. #avlh2o
Mills River Mayor Roger Snyder: Don't like to stick our nose in other people's business. Concerned about land use rules. #avlh2o
Audience members asking if microphone can be moved forward. Moffitt says will address concern during break #avlh2o
Smith: Water study process "also tearing open old wounds" that we'd made progress to repairing. #avlh2o
Smith: This study is threatening Asheville's attempt to woo brewers to area. Know that's not intentional, but is side effect #avlh2o
Smith: Clearly need to mend some fences w Henderson County. But Asheville's created reliability in system. This endangers that #avlh2o
Asheville Council mem Gordon Smith: In my tenure, seen city/county improve relations. We've put better part of water dispute behind #avlh2o
Hunt: Asheville is very well-run, but combination of inability to grow due to restrictions, conflict over water put in tight spot #avlh2o
Hunt: Protecting land supported on both sides of aisle, cites fmr commish Chair Nathan Ramsey's role in conservation. #avlh2o
Asheville City Council member Marc Hunt: Want to highlight need to preserve environmental quality of watershed #avlh2o
Jones: Legislators have responsibility to use power appropriately, "not to settle old scores" #avlh2o
Jones: Transferring water system would be costly, bog down in legal costs. #avlh2o
Jones: Every utility in state "should quake in their boots" at justifications being used to look at seizing water system #avlh2o
Jones: This is causing "cloud of uncertainty" about water system, may scare away biz looking at area for quality of water. #avlh2o
Buncombe Commissioner Holly Jones: Elected by entire county, and served on city council. Fully support city keeping water system. #avlh2o
Fisher: Rep. Keever and I kept off all study committees. "They didn't want to hear from us." Committee "pretty tilted" #avlh2o
Fisher: #ncga right now has mentality of "divide and conquer." Keep cities, counties fighting, may open way for privatization. #avlh2o
Fisher: Learned since to listen to my constituents. Get 1000s of emails, none concerned about way water system is being run #avlh2o
State Rep. Susan Fisher: Pressured by local delegation to go along w Sullivan Acts (restricting Asheville's water system) #avlh2o
Gantt: 5 yrs ago, favored regional water authority, but since Asheville took over, put $40 mil in system, made improvements #avlh2o
Buncombe Commish Chair David Gantt: This is best left a local issue. No local gov, no local biz group asked for this #avlh2o
We've got live coverage of today's #avlh2o public hearing all day: t.co/WQWm9i3c #avlnews
Henderson Commissioner Charlie Messer saying city, Buncombe never held up end of deal. #avlh2o
Pelly: You've ruled out referendum, despite two opp to do so. #avlh2o
Pelly: Told privatization won't happen, given Rep. Moffitt's ALEC membership, role in public-private partnership study, not assured #avlh2o
Clapping for Davis' remarks. Asheville Council mem Chris Pelly up next #avlh2o
Davis: This political issue, not management issue. This study is a distraction. #avlh2o
Davis: Today Asheville's water system runs well, has excellent credit. To put into another system not efficient #avlh2o
Davis: Under old water authority, improvements weren't being made, city needed to leave, but we could have done it less abruptly #avlh2o
Remember: you can tweet about the hearing today, too. Just use #avlh2o hashtag.
Davis: Yes, water system paid for by ratepayers, but that's how most utilities are paid for #avlh2o
Asheville Council member Jan Davis: Felt like last committee mtg got focused on history instead of current fact-finding #avlh2o
The #avlh2o study commitee hearing is today. @DavidForbes is there now. Follow along with him and our hashtag.
Keever: Water system study further erodes trust w state, these are local issues. Asks for her and Rep. Susan Fisher's inclusion. #avlh2o
State Rep. Patsy Keever: Should never privatize water system. This is an unnecessary study, expensive, unasked for #avlh2o
Volk: See participation in regional system "unnecessarily complicated" for Hendersonville. #avlh2o
Follow #avlh2o today for live dispatches from the state water-system committee; hearing at WNC Ag Center today #avlnews
Hendersonville Mayor Barbara Volk talking about qualities of her town's water system. #avlh2o
Edney: We should have a regional water authority. Asheville shouldn't be further compensated. #avlh2o
Edney: "Still feel the cold steel from the knives they stuck in our backs" #avlh2o
Henderson County Commissioner Mike Edney: City betrayed partners in water agreement that ended in 2005. #avlh2o
9-10am for elected official comment, 10-12 for Avl residents, 1-3pm county residents, 3-4 Henderson Cty residents, 4-close biz comm #avlh2o
Water system hearing about to begin. #avlnews Follow along at #avlh2o
Demonstrators outside Ag Center, in favor of city keeping water system. #avlnews #avlh2o t.co/Gh9SZTVr
AVL Brewers Assoc. is working on a Statement re: #avlh2o - Andy Dahm posted a working draft here: t.co/PZA2ET1g #avlbeer #avlnews
MT @Brewgasm: From @FrenchBroadBrew MT @gordondsmith: The ABA working on Statement re: #avlh2o - working draft here: t.co/JHZdlDjz
From @FrenchBroadBrew MT @gordondsmith: The ABA working on Statement re: #avlh2o - working draft here: t.co/KbLeLtNo #avlbeer
What do you think should happen to the water system? Tell me by responding to this post: t.co/hzVyNM5r #avlh2o
There's another water forum happening tonight: t.co/TNmZtp0t #avlnews #avlh2o
Moffitt under fire: highlights from last night's water forum t.co/78oHO77V #avlnews #avlh2o
Also I want to say a big thanks to other folks who were tweeting at tonight's #avlh2o forum. It's always nice to have a mix. #twitterkudos
Sorry my tweets just stopped. Twitter said I exceeded my limit. #avlh2o
Moffitt says he thinks Sullivan Acts were implemented fairly. #avlh2o
Woman asks moffitt, if your constituents think totally unfair, would you be willing to offer legislation to undo Sullivans #avlh2o
It being Asheville #avlh2o
Woman upset about Sullivan Acts, feels it is being punished #avlh2o
Keever: I probably disagree w/everything Moffitt believes, but he's been a gentleman & this meeting is getting a little long #avlh2o
People starting to trickle out. This meeting has now gone over by 45 minutes. #avlh2o
Moffitt: I think people in city think everything's great, but by and large it is not the Panesea pretends it is. #avlh2o
Man asks Moffitt why is it state legislature finds it necessary to single out Asheville repeatedly #avlh2o
Hunt: Not sure that compensating for water system asset is the whole way...must have some discussion about fiscal place we're in #avlh2o
This meeting has gone over by 35 minutes, but still people here. Maybe 1/3 still sitting and listening #avlh2o
Moffitt: If that asset was to move to another publice entity, would have to consider what was said in 95 agreement. #avlh2o
Hunt: Tim one of the points you've made in press, you feel that Asheville should be fairly compensated. Wants to hear more #avlh2o
Hunt: Difficult as some of the tension has been, I find this discussion helpful #avlh2o
Moffitt: This issue will not stop with me. It did not start with me. #avlh2o
Woman asks what happens if single sponsor of bill is no longer around #avlh2o
Woman asking about value of water system compensation, when it does not include watershed #avlh2o
Moffitt:...but this is an issue that if we had stuck to what every party agreed to in 95, we would not be having this forum tonight. #avlh2o
Moffitt: We have to finish by April, quite honestly I appreciate what your'e asking... #avlh2o
Hoh: If residents of Asheville&Bucnombe show united front against united front would you disolve committee, and let locals decide #avlh2o
Moffitt says he's hoping to bring resolution to water issue once and for all #avlh2o
Moffitt says history has demonstrated that this issue cannot be handled locally #avlh2o
McGrady: We've got to develop a level of trust to get to a point where decisions like this get made at local level #avlh2o
McGrady: If Asheville had always been a good neighbor to all of its neighbors, the sullivan acts would not have happened #avlh2o
Resident: We don't need people in raleigh telling us what to do, especially an unrepresentative body like this #avlh2o
Man says disturbed as resident of Bucombe, that his intelligence isn't enough to understand rep. body in water to make decision here #avlh2o
Speaks about water in 1950s #avlh2o
Man says he has comment about water #avlh2o
Five people left with questions in line #avlh2o
Moffitt says he agrees with McGrady, that it is a distraction from discussion tonight. Also that fracking is complicated issue #avlh2o
Summers says not fair to completely dismiss it. #avlh2o
McGrady says that bringing up issue of fracking is distracting from issue of water system at this point #avlh2o
Hicks says fracking being considered in NC, but closer to Raleigh/Durham area, not WNC. Hypothetical at this point #avlh2o
Question for Hicks about connection between water privitization in NC, fracking operations, too #avlh2o
Moffitt says my legislation is public record #avlh2o
Man asks how does it affect future of the comittee, Moffitt says no relation. #avlh2o
Man asks Moffitt if he has any membership, invovement, viewpoint, on American Legislation Exchange Council #avlh2o
Summers says energy consumption is big concern for him on water #avlh2o
Hicks: Part of the key is to be open with each other, hold accountable those who would use resources to profit themselevs #avlh2o
Hicks says it's a big question, not sure where to start. #avlh2o
Man asks how are we going to take care of biodiversity of mountains, keep clean and fresh water #avlh2o
Moffitt: you need to realize that our issue is unique. We do not have option to use differential rate, it is not up for discussion #avlh2o
Line getting longer t.co/ld0QWtP3 #avlh2o
Moffitt: We need to retire the discussion on differential water rates #avlh2o
Resident says she is very mad and that he thinks there is a divide, that there is misrepresentation #avlh2o
Moffit says he feels he has answered questions effectively #avlh2o
Question for moffitt: You've had difficulty answering numerous questions. Do you think that's a fair representation for the people #avlh2o
Line forming for questions #avlh2o
Moffitt: I do think that words matter, when we're talking about neighbors in the county that we owe them level of respect #avlh2o
McGrady on focus of commitee: We live with the laws as they are. #avlh2o
McGrady says Sullivan Acts are not written in stone, but not subject matter of committee. #avlh2o
*Minicozzi #avlh2o
Minicozzie: We didn't feel Sullivan Acts were created in stone tablets, we're asking that they be removed #avlh2o
Minicozzi says he appreciates comments from boths sides of him (McGrady and Moffitt) #avlh2o
Opening up time for question and comment for audience #avlh2o
Fisher says people are seeing process of "divide and conquer." Asks community stay united and vote #avlh2o
Fisher: I can see that the City and the County get along #avlh2o
Fisher: But as we know anything can happen. #avlh2o
Fisher: My process tells me that if any legislation is proposed it would have to wait until long session of 2013. #avlh2o
Fisher: When committe through, send recommendations to ORC, then decide if those are suitable for introduction by committee to leg. #avlh2o
Fisher what you are seeing is process very exclusive not inclusive. #avlh2o
Fisher now at mic to explain process #avlh2o
Moffitt: says Susan Fisher might be better to explain. #avlh2o
Moffitt: We are to report out, either study longer, no action, propose legislation. Then goes to joint legislative...#avlh2o
Keever has question that she thinks will help the audience to know what happens after committee meets 4 times #avlh2o
McGrady: There's been no discussion of privitization except in public session when people are asking me about it #avlh2o
Hicks: I would love to see us take initative to go ahead and rule it (privitization) out. #avlh2o
Hicks responds, says wants to suggest that WNC has opportunity to say this is not what we want for our community. #avlh2o
Moffitt: Privitizaiton is not an intent of this commitee. #avlh2o
Moffitt: I hear you. I understand you. There's no way unless I do a legislative act out of session. #avlh2o
Summer: Privitization very well could be indirect result...you issue assurances as if debate is over. #avlh2o
Summers: I've never intentionally made suggestion that Moffitt or committee has authority to directly privitize water system. #avlh2o
Moffitt: I have no desire to privitize our system, to take our asset and put them in hands of a private compnay #avlh2o
Moffitt: When it comes to issue of privitizaiton. I've said over and over that it has not been a consideration of mine. #avlh2o
Moffitt returning to differntial tax rate: we have city gov., police and fire, lot of services. #avlh2o
Question for Moffitt You seem determined to take privitization off the table, why should we take it seriously #avlh2o
McGrady: You can't have disconnect about the relationship between the water system and the sewage system. #avlh2o
Moffitt: Not sure I can answer that question. #avlh2o
Question for moffitt: If differential water rates are such a huge issues, how would you justify differential tax rate paid by city #avlh2o
Moffitt says he hopes by being here tonight, that will help #avlh2o
Another question for moffitt, question asks how does he plan to regain trust from citizens he represents #avlh2o
Moffitt answering question about Robin Cape who asked for consideration says considering other water systems has not been a thought. #avlh2o
Moffitt says he watched the @ABLWV forum the other day. Says the history of water system is extensive #avlh2o
Moffitt says he does not know, will check into it #avlh2o
Question for Moffitt, what is to prevent this issue to going to referendum for Buncombe County and City of Asheville. #avlh2o
McGrady: I really think the focus of what we're about is how can water be provided most efficiently and cost-effectively. #avlh2o
Man in crowd interrupts, Moffitt says: We admit it! Go away! #avlh2o
Moffitt: My only request that people admit that peole more than City of Asheville invested in water system. #avlh2o
Moffitt: There still is the persistent conversation about differential water rates. #avlh2o
Question about why study commitee when so many elected officials say the water system works. #avlh2o
Another question for moffitt #avlh2o
Summers says he belives that large conglomorate will buy Tryon water system, expand out to be owned by outside company #avlh2o
Question directed at Summers asking for more information about the Tryon water system #avlh2o
Minicozzi points out that citizens of the city of asheville are also buncombe co. residents. #avlh2o
Moffitt saying folks in the county do not trust the city. Crowd responds quickly. Says, "No, no! That's not true!" #avlh2o
Summers asks Moffitt if study commitee is focused on too large of an issue to be wrapped up in 4 hearings #avlh2o
McGrady reminds this is not just for water: This is a water AND sewer commitee. #avlh2o
2nd question gets a little muddled...handwriting issues? #avlh2o
Moffitt: As far as expanding, we're limited to 5. Adding to this is not possible #avlh2o
Moffitt: Selected McGrady because of his involvement in regional water authority #avlh2o
Moffitt: The study that we have is not strictly about water. Instructed to be LRC comittee, only 5 members #avlh2o
1st Question is for moffitt: Repond to Minicozzi's presentation on representation, will you appoint fisher to study committee #avlh2o
Lite: We're going to start with the written questions #avlh2o
And we're back #avlh2o
Remember, if you're here at the forum use our #avlh2o hashtag and it will end up in our tweet aggregator on
We've got about 1 minute left before we resume here at the #avlh2o forum
I'm a big fan of the 5 minute break. It gives me a chance to rest my fingers from this rapid-fire typing and tweeting #avlh2o
Now the forum is taking a 5 minute break #avlh2o
Applause after Summers presentation, a few people stood and clapped #avlh2o
Summers: I would like to see City of Asheville keep control of its water system #avlh2o
Summers: Privitization bids have come to NC, they will come to WNC #avlh2o
Summers talking about how he became interested in this issue, bringing up drought and city of Tryon #avlh2o
Activist Barry Summers now speaking #avlh2o
Moffitt says he will answer all questions, "there will be no time limit tonight." #avlh2o
Moffitt: Asheville cannot survive without Buncombe County. Buncombe County cannot survive without Asheville. #avlh2o
Moffitt: Are we Asheville or are we a community? #avlh2o
Moffitt says he has not been an effective communicator and says he apologizes for that #avlh2o
Moffitt: Most of you don't know me. I think most of you have judged me and I think that's my fault #avlh2o
Moffitt says he came out to tonight's forum not so much to make a statement, but to answer questions #avlh2o
Minicozzi now quoting draft of Water System Statement issued earlier today. See it here: t.co/WNjBC3MG #avlh2o
Minicozzi took points in NC of rep. on study commitee, applied them to other parts of country. Many landed in other states #avlh2o
In Minicozzi presentation: 84% of NC water system use differentials #avlh2o
Minicozzi: Many communities allowed to have differential water rates, Asheville is not #avlh2o
Joe Minicozzi of Asheville Downtown Association giving presentation #avlh2o
Gantt: And I believe City of Asheville should be able to keep doing what they're doing. #avlh2o
Gantt: We do not want a mandate from the GA without full compete study and thought #avlh2o
Gantt: I'm convinced City of Asheville has done their part and the best ones to take care of the water, not outside entity #avlh2o
Gantt: Under no circumstance should we attempt to privitize or in a potential that it could potentially happen #avlh2o
Gantt: The best kind of policies we have are polices where local people as the G.A. for help. #avlh2o
Video of David Gantt now playing. He says this is one of the most important issues of a generaiton #avlh2o
McGrady: We've gotten together on issues before, I'm telling you because I was there that Henderson Co. didn't get treated fairly #avlh2o
McGrady: From my perspective in Henderson County, I frankly don't have a lot of faith in our dealings with the City of Asheville #avlh2o
McGrady: We have no regional authority, not a part of regional...it took a lawsuit for us to get he water back #avlh2o
Rep. Chuck McGrady now speaking #avlh2o
Audience applauds, cheers at Keever's comment about that water decision should be made locally #avlh2o
Keever: This decision should be made at local level, not at the state level. #avlh2o
Keever says a little miffed as a commisioner when 2005 Asheville/Buncombe agreement ended, but says that it was the right choice #avlh2o
Rep. Patsy Keever: The bottom line of my next 4 minutes is that I'm adamently opposed to privitization in any form. #avlh2o
Kask: You might lose access, transparency and accountability #avlh2o
Kask: Also should consider how large water system should be. Getting bigger is not always getting better. #avlh2o
Kask: One important thing with water is you want 1 supplier and that they keep the water supply in play. #avlh2o
Kask: If you have a private water system, you have to regulate it. #avlh2o
Kask: : That purpose is access for all people in teh community to clean water at reasonable price. #avlh2o
Kask: As I began preparing thoughts, kept saying what's the purpose of the Asheville Water system #avlh2o
Susan Kask, Warren Wilson econ prof on panel about to talk #avlh2o
Hunt: As we resolve this water system issue, we need to find a way to restore Ashevile's health fiscally #avlh2o
Hunt: We've been fighting over water for many decades #avlh2o
Hunt: Final point is the "fiscal jam" that the City of Asheville has found itself in #avlh2o
Hunt: 2nd issue water infastructure #avlh2o
Hunt says City has been excellent stewardship for protecting that watershed #avlh2o
Hunt wants to go into 3 issues: First being protection of the watershed #avlh2o
Marc Hunt now talking #avlh2o
Hicks: we believe water systems should be local and public issue, transparent #avlh2o
Hicks: We believe everyone has same right to clean water, clean air, clean neighborhoods. #avlh2o
Clean Water for NC is statewide nonprofit org. #avlh2o
Katie Hicks about to speak now, Hicks is assistant director of clean water for NC #avlh2o
Davis: We felt like we needed to break agreement, may not have handled it the best in the world but I think it was the best thing #avlh2o
Davis: There's a lot of rumor and positions being taken. Thank you for coming out #avlh2o
Jan Davis to begin presentation #avlh2o
David Gnatt unable to be here this evening. Will instead have video statement. #avlh2o
Lite says ground rules: We all vary on issues, remain decorum, please remain civil #avlh2o
People present may write questions on notecards throughout the forum, then MVA will choose 15 #avlh2o
Elaine Lite, Chair of Mountain Voices Alliance will be the moderator of tonight's forum #avlh2o
Video archive of this forum will be available within a day or two #avlh2o
Very full room now #avlh2o
Moffit reminds people to show up 30 minutes early to scheduled time for Thursday's hearing, if uable to talk, they will take emails #avlh2o
Alright, looks like we've got a forum about to start. #avlh2o
Now that all the panelists are up and taking a seat, a hush falls over the room #avlh2o
Finding out now that the forum will actually begin at 7 pm. #avlh2o
Also if you can't make it out tonight, remember the study committee will hold a public hearing Thursday at the WNC Ag Center #avlh2o
Overheard at the forum (that has not started yet) from Keever: I'm against privitization, bottom line. #avlh2o
Rep. Patsy Keever is making her way around the room, smiling, talking with people #avlh2o
If you haven't made your way to tonight's forum, there's still time. It has not started yet (was supposed to start 10 min ago). #avlh2o
Panelists have not taken their seats at the front of the room yet #avlh2o
Room is starting to fill up now #avlh2o
Program says questions from the floor will happen with time permitting #avlh2o
As part of the Q&A portion of the evening, 10-15 questions will be from audience based on questions written on cards #avlh2o
Panelists contd ...Patsy Keever, Chuck McGrady, Joe Minicozzi, & Barry Summers. #avlh2o
Panelists for the evening will be: Tim Moffitt, Jan Davis, Katie Hicks, Marc Hunt, Susan Kask...#avlh2o
Looks like we'll be having a late start with this particular forum #avlh2o
Lael Gray is here right in the front row #avlh2o
Looks like we're about to start #avlh2o
Half of the room here at Jubilee is filled with people— the other half with mostly empty chairs. #avlh2o
LIVE COVERAGE of tonight's #avlh2o forum: t.co/FBMSj4OU #avlnews
Check out our live tweets and streaming video t.co/FBMSj4OU #avlh2o
Tim Moffitt has arrived #avlh2o
Heading downtown to tonight's #avlh2o forum. It's at Jubilee (46 Wall St.). Starts at 6:30 pm. See you there.
I'll be live-tweeting the forum, but you can, too. Use #avlh2o and it will appear in our tweet aggregator. #avlnews
Less than an hour until tonight's water forum at Jubilee! (starts at 6:30 pm). Rep. Tim Moffitt will be there #avlnews #avlh2o
Follow @MaryCaitlinBryd or #avlh2o — that's the letter o not zero:) — for live coverage of tonite's water-system forum at Jubilee!
Follow @MaryCaitlinByrd and/or #avlh2o (that's the letter o not zero) for live reports on water-system forum tonite t.co/rKmdoXps
MRT @MaryCaitlinByrd: ADA releases draft of Water Position Statement t.co/ZKom8eXA #avlnews #avlh2o
AVL Downtown Association releases draft Water Position Statement - t.co/PfPSV5Nl #avlh2o #avlnews
#AVL water forum TONIGHT! Tim Moffitt will be there - 6:30pm Jubilee 46 Wall St #NC #avlh2o
Joe Minicozzi created a presentation about the #avlh2o study committee. View it here: t.co/R1Ss7tuG #avlnews
This is interesting. All of the #avlh2o "Study Committee" members are also members of ALEC - t.co/p07qo4KC #avlnews
Reminder: Tonight there's a water forum at Jubilee. It all starts at 6:30 pm #avlh2o #avlnews
Reminder: Tonight there's a water forum at Jubilee. It all starts at 6:30 pm #avlh2o #avlnews
Overview of water-system debate in #avl citizen-times today: t.co/zOJrLTEz #avlh2o
No privatizing, Moffitt insists #avlnews #avlh2o t.co/SQEdVq3X
Thanks to @ablwv & @dixiegirlz Xpress now has video of last night's entire #avlh2o forum: t.co/pa5Hyu3Z
Thanks to @ablwv and @dixiegirlz Xpress now has video of last night's entire #avlh2o forum: t.co/POCHy5K7 #avlnews
mxnews quoting: JakeFrankel
Thanks to @ablwv and @dixiegirlz Xpress now has video of last night's entire #avlh2o forum: t.co/H1tLUJV0 #avlnews
Nesbitt on AVL water study: This is like a "robber studying a bank to see how to rob it without getting caught." #avlh2o
Nesbitt ends meeting with a bang and cheer RT @mxnews: And that's the end of the forum. #avlh2o
Nesbitt: This is like a "robber studying a bank to see how to rob it without getting caught." #avlh2o
And that's the end of the forum. #avlh2o
Nesbitt: To say this is about studying this issue is disengenous. #avlh2o
Nesbit jokes that he never thought he would agree with Dr Mumpower: "studying" this is like gang casing the bank before robbing it #avlh2o
Nesbitt: If we're ever going to have regional cooperation, it will be because of goodwill that people sit down and do it #avlh2o
Sen. Nesbitt: We shouldn't be fighting over water. It's too important for health, economy. McGrady has good intentions. #avlh2o
Nesbitt: To my friends in the City, we've got to be careful how we play with our neighbors #avlh2o
Nesbit says we fight about this every 10 years. State said stop fighting over water, don't charge differential rates. #avlh2o
Nesbitt: We wanted to help find peace in the valley and have people stop fighting over water #avlh2o
Sen. Martin Nesbitt: In this situation (Sullivan Acts), we reached conclusion that we need to quit fighting over water. #avlh2o
Sitnick says every time city asked for relief, got Sullivan's 1... 2... And 3 ... #avlh2o
Sen Martin Nesbitt says McGrady taking a beating. Sitnick asked why city is saddled with Sullivan Acts #avlh2o
However, McGrady says in recent years AVL gov has made great strides in cooperating and has gained more trust. #avlh2o
McGrady: History shows that when it comes to AVL water system, gov has been unreliable, hasn't fulfilled obligations 2 Hendo #avlh2o
McGrady gets angry at Sitnick's 'political speech,' says in past, city didn't hold up deal with Henderson Co. #avlh2o
McGrady says, as of late, his experience has been the opposite #avlh2o
McGrady says City of Asheville does not have strong reputation in terms or reputation of working w/neighbors #avlh2o
Former AVL Mayor Leni Sitnick asks why AVL is being signaled out by #ncga on this and other issues. #avlh2o
McGrady: I will the reason why is because of what Henderson County got out of deal originally. #avlh2o
Resident wants to know why city of Asheville and its tax payers the only people in the state to be singled out w/ Sullivan Acts #avlh2o
Former mayor Leni Sitnick: trying not to be paranoid but if it quacks like a duck, I start to think it is a duck. #avlh2o
McGrady says it's not impossible, but unlikely they'll be asked to join the committee #avlh2o
To questions about not involving other municipalities, govs in study: Manheimer: as chair of committee, Moffitt gets to set agenda #avlh2o
Resident asks if it's too late for Moffitt to appoint the rest of local delegation (Dem Reps Keever and Fisher) to committee #avlh2o
Last person making their way to the mic for questions. #avlh2o
Meeting going past 9 pm, 3 more speakers waiting, moderator Holder asks if continue. Most people stay. #avlh2o
Bellamy: if really want to review system regionally, include Hendersonville, Henderson county, etc, don't make it all about #avl #avlh2o
Bellamy: I'm in support of the City of Asheville keeping its water system. Applause from crowd #avlh2o
Bellamy says this issue does not involve anyone but the City of Asheville #avlh2o
Comparing #avl system to Mecklenberg, other big systems is comparing apples to grapefruits (Bellamy) #avlh2o
mxnews quoting: mvwilliams
Comparing #avl system to Mecklenberg, other big systems is comparing apples to grapefruits (Bellamy) #avlh2o
McGrady: It is true that the best solutions usually come when the local government can come together #avlh2o
Mayor Bellamy points out that past collaborations were locally initiated, not brought by state. #avlh2o This shld be local
Mayor Bellamy: The initial agreement came together by local govs coming together, not dictates from Raleigh (crowd cheers. #avlh2o
Bellamy: In the past, the leadership of addressing issues came from local gov coming together not state telling what to do #avlh2o
Bellamy wanting to make a few requests #avlh2o
Bellamy with papers in hand up at the mic #avlh2o
We never get to meet :) RT @McRaeHilliard: I can only stand for so long. Goodbye #avlh2o
Mayor Bellamy next in line to ask question #avlh2o
McGrady: My hope is to do it in a transparent matter, find additional facts, find where they lead us and if there need to be changes #avlh2o
's laptop has died. She is now @mxnews #avlh2o
Hume, resident of City of Avl wants to know from McGrady how will committee judge/measure discovery process that has taken place #avlh2o
NC isn't a home rule state, which means #ncga has power to dictate rules of how local municipalities operate t.co/WzD5qFu5 #avlh2o
#avl Terry Bellamy waiting to speak at #avlh2o water system forum
McGrady: "I don't think so." But reminds crowd that in N.C. the #ncga has ultimate authority and the power to abolish city govs #avlh2o
Resident: Is this the first step in an effort to abolish the AVL government? #avlh2o
McGrady: it is possible that committee will take no action on water system #avlh2o
McGrady: Says committee will have to answer those sorts of questions, but does not know answers yet #avlh2o
Second: What is the proposed fair compensation to Asheville #avlh2o
The first being: I need to understand more clearly the benefits of merging with MSD or independent entity. #avlh2o
Resident who moved here from NY says he needs 2 questions answered to formulate a formed and facted-based opinion #avlh2o
McGrady not sure, only 5 on committee, four are Republican. 1 Democrat. 2 from large systems down east #avlh2o
McGrady: I can't totally answer that question. I encourage you to contact Moffitt and let him know how you feel. #avlh2o
Valerie (last name?) asks why no Buncombe or Asheville rep on Moffitt's committee to decide future of #avl water system? #avlh2o
Resident asks why Moffitt and all other committee members other than McGrady aren't here (crowd cheers) #avlh2o
Woman wants to know why there aren't more people on study committee that represent Asheville and Buncombe. #avlh2o
Water director Shope: leak % is actually good considering conditions, says system uses best engineering practices to address them #avlh2o
Line of questions growing, Mayor Bellamy standing in line, too. #avlh2o
Water director Shope says 30 to 35 % water "lost," some due to bad meters and high pressure (a problem with mountain systems?) #avlh2o
Average pressure here is 150-250 psi in pipes, and that does create leaks. Even new pipes develop leaks b/c of pressure. #avlh2o
Mountainous terrain creates really high pressures, which helps cause leaks. Even new pipes leak because of high pressures. #avlh2o
McGrady says city system losing 30% of water in lines, is that efficient? #avlh2o
McGrady says City of Asheville's water system loses over 30% of its water. #avlh2o
If paying electric bill means he has share in owning Progress Energy, Martin says he'd like to get his dividend check #avlh2o
Former mayor Russ Martin argues city owns system; if he pays Progress Energy monthly bill for electricity, he doesn't own system... #avlh2o
Manheimer: annexation question is very unique to Asheville. #avlh2o
Meinheimer: We (city gov) doesn't agree with Long. We feel AVL should be compensated if control of system is transfered. #avlh2o
Ms. Myers asks how many water lines need to be replaced in city water system and what is role of issue of annexation. #avlh2o
Good line of people to ask question at forum #avlh2o t.co/LqV3g6Sb
Meinheimer: Attorney Bob Long says rate payers own the system. He argues AVL gov shouldn't be compensated, because city doesn't own. #avlh2o
Manheimer: When at study commitee, Attorney Bob Long presented history and his presentation was about of who owns the water system. #avlh2o
Man asks, "Has it legally been determined who owns the water system?" #avlh2o
Consultant Volskay: Summers is right, most privatization doesn't involve transfer of assets, could just be mgmt of services. #avlh2o
Volkay: privatization of running system can happen without transfer of system ownership #avlh2o
Rep McGrady says doesnt think it would be legal; Summers presses; McGrady sighs. Says not being discussed. #avlh2o
McGrady again emphasizes that privatization has not been discussed, says bonds would make it illegal to privatize system. #avlh2o
If water system transferred to regional authority, can committee guarantee would not later be privatized, Barry Summer asks? #avlh2o
Summers: Privatization doesn't just mean transfer of ownership. It could involve contracting out management of system. #avlh2o
McGrady: We're early in the process, Barry. There has been no discussion of any privatization of any sort at this time. #avlh2o
Summers: Can anyone assure that a regional authority wouldn't then contract out w/ private management company? #avlh2o
Barry Summers wants to know that privatization will not happen in the future #avlh2o
Barry Summers: I don't believe the assurances from Moffitt and others that privatization is off the table. #avlh2o
McGrady says to Cape "I don't know." Says "everything is on the table" other than privatization #avlh2o
Cape: I support Asheville having its own water system. #avlh2o
McGrady: Says he expects Hendersonville will not be engaged in water issues related to city of asheville #avlh2o
McGrady says he cannot answer question, will ask Moffitt. #avlh2o
Robin Cape wants to know the scope of how big a "regional" water authority might be. #avlh2o
Cape would like to know hwo big is scope, how many people included in process #avlh2o
Former water systems manager & now MSD board mem M Holcombe suggests MSD pay #avl 5% in perpetuity for system #avlh2o
Robin Cape of Woodfin Water Board up at mic for question, asks to be involved in conversation #avlh2o
Now we've got questions. #avlh2o
Holcombe recommends the legislation include moratorium on any consideration of privatization for 10-20 years to quell fears. #avlh2o
Former water system director M Holcombe says he favors a combined utility. MSD + water system. Says this would depoliticize it #avlh2o
Holcombe: Water is precious resource #avlh2o
Holcombe: I firmly believe the water system would finally be depolitized to some degree #avlh2o
Holcombe: I'm here to say that I'm in favor of combined water and sewer system, substantially similar to what's in Charlotte #avlh2o
This is a pro-Asheville crowd at LWV water system forum. Applause when former mayor Russ Martin speaks about future of system #avlh2o
Mike Holcombe up speaking now #avlh2o
Martin: ...the right to govern themselves, their assets, and their constituients. #avlh2o
Martin: ...for that asset or need to permit...the City to makes those decisions that affect... #avlh2o
Martin: Regardless of whether the state has a self-imposed right to take property they should either have to give fair value... #avlh2o
Former mayor Russ Martin pegs #avl water system value at $1 billion plus. #avlh2o
Martin: When I read about this in the newspaper, I felt compelled to talk and give opinion, because a lot of this is opinion #avlh2o
Former Mayor Russ Martin to make statement. #avlh2o
Davis: Most municipalities own their water systems (like woodfin). And that's what we're asking to do #avlh2o
Davis: We've been good stewards. I think we really should, as a community, focus on running a really good system. #avlh2o
Davis: When we disolved agreement (in 2005), we set to work to fix the system #avlh2o
Former water systems manager Mike Holcombe here. Now on mSD board? #avlh2o
Jan Davis up to make statement #avlh2o
Will have statements from Jan Davis, Russ Martin, Mike Holcombe . #avlh2o
Before questions, Holder is allowing a few people with expertise to make a statement/comment #avlh2o
ABLWV's Nelda Holder stops Meinheimer from politicking any further, tells her "that's for another meeting" #avlh2o
With Sullivan Act in place, only 30% of water revenue went to system, maintenance. Rest of $ went to debt payment #avlh2o
Question portion of the forum is about to begin #avlh2o
Nelda Holder thanking sponsors of this forum (PS that would be the Mountain Xpress and Urban News) #avlh2o
Meinheimer notes that "new candidate" Jane Whilden is here (she announced today she's running against Moffitt t.co/tYlWkg81 #avlh2o
When banks failed, #avl didn't have $5mil in bank as thought; it has $18,000 to run city, pay police, teachers.., #avlh2o
Volskay: Many states, county, municapl governments are not prepared to privatize. #avlh2o
Sullivan Act was collaborative effort (city, county) to use water revenue to pay back 1930 debts, say Aceto #avlh2o
Volskay: privatization typtically works best when services to be privatized are limited in scope and complexity. #avlh2o
Consultant Volskay: I've seen far more failures w/ attempts at water system privatization than successes. #avlh2o
Volskay: While conducting research on this topic, saw more privatization failures than privatization successes. #avlh2o
Volksay: The study was not done to become an advocate, but to educate electorate about privatization, both pros and cons. #avlh2o
Volksay co-authored national study on privatization, says concept of privatization's really taken off since Reagan era. #avlh2o
Aceto credits better sewage treatment, new pipes, MSD stewardship, among reasons for improved French Broad quality #avlh2o
Ted Volksay here, he's environmental consultant. Drove up from Greenville, SC #avlh2o
MSD board men Steve Aceto reviews financial ruin in 1930s that set stage for water revenue paying off debt, system neglected #avlh2o
Aceto notes French Broad R. quality has gotten much better over the years: We went from dead to suitable for rec. use. #avlh2o
Aceto: Also large opportunity now to have community discussion about what's good for the future. #avlh2o
Aceto: As board chair of MSD, you (asheville) have a marvelous tradition of collaboration in problem-solving in infastructure issues #avlh2o
Aceto says MSD is award-winning system, the French Broad is now up to recreational classification. #avlh2o
I'm not there. Listening at t.co/I7jwD7Nz || Show of tweets: RT if you're here at the @ABLWV #avlh2o
Aceto: MSD got started as legislative creature to get sewage out of French Broad River #avlh2o
Aceto: Sullivan Act wasn't really about water, it was about finances #avlh2o
In the house! RT @ABLWV: Show of tweets: RT if you're here at the @ABLWV #avlh2o informational forum! #avlgov #avlnews
Aceto: The MSD board has not generated opinion on whether water system should be removed from CIty of Asheville #avlh2o
Aceto: The MSD is indp. agency, not part of the city or the county. It's a creature of statute. It's a regional public utility. #avlh2o
Next hearing from Steve Aceto, board chair of MSD #avlh2o
Rainey: I know Rep. Moffitt's efforts haven't been popular, but we thank him for bringing up an issue that needs to be dealt with. #avlh2o
Rainey: I appeal to AVL leaders to help us transfer to regional water system and fund its future budgets. #avlh2o
Former Bun Co chair Gene Rainey was key in helping create regional water authority years ago; now hopes (again) for truly regional #avlh2o
Rainey: Water is liquid gold. #avlh2o
Rainey is advocating for any indy authority to be regionally minded, incl Madison, surrounding counties #avlh2o
Rainey: The Appalachin Chain is one of three coolest regions in US. #avlh2o
Rainey: If system is handed over to indy authority, AVL needs to be rewarded for the all good work it's done as steward. #avlh2o
Rainey: I would hope Henderson County would be able to forgive the City of Asheville for its sins and come back #avlh2o
Rainey: I would hope decisions made by a regional authority would be made on business calculations not policitcal concerns. #avlh2o
Meinheimer also notes city is considering hiring a lobbyist to advocate for AVL in the #ncga #avlh2o
Rainey: There are 4 questions raised by leg. proposal #avlh2o
Meinhemer: Tell your legislators how you feel about this issue. #avlh2o
Dr. Gene Rainey to go over history now #avlh2o
Manheimer says it's important to have an opinion about this issue, then you need to make opinion known #avlh2o
Manheimer: Tomorrow night the Council will be considering resolution to have the Council to take official stance on issue #avlh2o
Manheimer: It's not like it's some cash cow for the city of Asheville. #avlh2o
Manheimer: Basically we're running a water system not for any financial benefit to the city. #avlh2o
Manheimer says she wants to focus on how good water system is today #avlh2o
Vice Mayor Esther Manheimer about to speak #avlh2o
About 200 here at LWV water system forum #avlh2o
Well over 150 people at the Asheville Water Forum. #avlh2o [This is an info-only meeting. Input & opinions on Feb. 23rd ]
Statement from Moffitt says he "would never agree to privatize this public access" #avlh2o
Correction: unable to attend tonight's forum #avlh2o
Nelda Holder now reading statement sent from Rep. Moffitt about water system, he was unable to attend tonight's meeting #avlh2o
No one is interested in privatization of water system, says Rep Chuck McGrady #avlh2o
McGrady: To my knowledge, no one is interested in privatization #avlh2o
McGrady: I can state for everyone here that I have had no conversations with any of my collegues about privatization. #avlh2o
McGrady: There are very hard feelings between Henderson County and City of Asheville and no real desire to be part of a system. #avlh2o
McGrady: From Henderson County perspective, the agreement was not honored. #avlh2o
McGrady: on water side, there was an agreement signed and some portion of city's water located at plant out near Mills River #avlh2o
McGrady: Henderson County...There have been discussions of merging Henderson Co. with MSD, in regard to sewer side #avlh2o
McGrady: Hendersonville does not really want to be part of any water/sewer agreement of any sort. #avlh2o
First person to speak is Rep. McGrady. Serves on MSD committee, a 5-member committee. #avlh2o
Volskay drove up from Greenville, SC for tonight's forum. He is a consultant with Centero (sp?) corp. #avlh2o
On panel tonight: Steve Aceto, Rep. Chuck McGrady, Vice Mayor Esther Manheimer, Dr. Gene Rainey, Ted Volskay #avlh2o
Pelly, Bellamy, Gnatt in attendence #avlh2o
Nelda Holder: Goal here is to get accurate info out there. It's not time for opinions. You'll get that chance at the Feb. 23 hearing #avlh2o
"Your opions belong at the meeting on the 23rd." But feel free to ask questions. #avlh2o
Next week when committee comes to town on Feb. 23, is when people can come and give their opinons. This session is about facts #avlh2o
This is an informational session provided by the leauge. We are here to hear from panelists, you all #avlh2o
Vid streaming NOW RT @MaryCaitlinByrd: Don't forget to check out our post, live-stream and twitter aggregation t.co/52O4Urb0 #avlh2o
Full house at league of women voters forum on water system t.co/LnOcqhWn #avlh2o
Getting our welcome now. Reminder: League is nonpartisan, sometimes takes positions on issues though #avlh2o
Packed house. Still a few seats open though. #avlh2o
Maps of water system on display for forum t.co/hGhUdjuy #avlh2o
2 minutes until we start. #avlh2o
Don't forget to check out our post, live-stream and twitter aggregation t.co/OtZiglb1 #avlh2o
Pretty full house here at the forum. About 5 minutes until we start #avlh2o
It's filling up here at the forum. t.co/dYHPC2mF #avlh2o #avlnews
Parking lot at Grace Presbyterian already packed for forum on water system #avlh2o
Follow #avlh2o at 6:30 for live dispatches from the League of Women Voters forum on water system t.co/voDNecpW #avlnews
Follow #avlh2o at 6:30 for live dispatches from the League of Women Voters forum on water system t.co/iNxyYJ3H #avlnews
JakeFrankel quoting: mxnews
I'll be heading to tonight's @ABLWV forum about the water system. What are your thoughts, Asheville? #avlh2O #avlnews
Here come a bunch of #avlh2o pics. 1st- our exemplary ISO 14001 env mgmt system. t.co/2qMPtH3K #avlnews
CIBO Issues Brkfst, Feb. 3, 7am includes: Patsy Keever on her Cong. run; Esther Manheimer &Bob Long on #avlh2o #avlnews
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