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Welcome to Asheville Streetstyle!

You’ve landed at Asheville Streetstyle, a photographic record of Asheville’s unique and evolving DIY fashion. Most outfits (and their wearers) are scouted and shot in the streets of downtown Asheville, though this site also includes images from fashion shows, boutiques, concerts, parties and other happenings in and around Western North Carolina.

Asheville Streetstyle is a group effort of a number of Mountain Xpress staffers and freelancers. Photos are by Alli Marshall unless otherwise noted.

Want to submit images or be photographed for Asheville Streetstyle? Send your questions, comments and ideas to amarshall@mountainx.com

Street Style logo created by Avery Shaw Duncan, Avery D. Productions.

New commenting rules: No mean-spirited, derogatory, hurtful or off-topic comments. Personal attacks will not be tolerated on Asheville Streetstyle. Comments will be moderated differently on this blog than in other areas of Mountainx.com. Remember: Style is subjective and the models on this blog are not professional models, but men and women on the streets who are kind enough to let us take their photos. Please be respectful of them. Streetstyle is meant as a photographic record of the unique style seen on Asheville’s streets, not as a guide to fashion. Enjoy the photos, support your friends who appear on these pages, and be kind!

The scooter skirt

Tulle dress, vintage hat and hat box. Seen on Walnut Street.

Photos by Kristian Buckner

Give ‘em the boot

In Asheville, boots go with dresses year ‘round. This outfit, seen at Virtue on Lexington Ave., pairs western boots with knee socks, a jersey skirt and a sheer blouse. 

Photo by Kristian Buckner

Hat trick

A floppy brimmed hat and vintage-look Oxford flats.

Hat trickm

Street Style Twitter news

Citizen reports via Twitter

#streetstyle in red & black. With dog. #avlent t.co/JgZYobjW
Find some funky clothes RT @AshevilleTheatr: Costume Sale on Saturday! t.co/EeGJWiIC #avlent #streetstyle
fobes quoting: McRaeHilliard
Kipper. Need I say more? #belechere #streetstyle t.co/gIpeUczz
Parasol. #belechere #streetstyle t.co/A0cmuf0R
booty band fans, perhaps? #belechere #streetstyle t.co/X68tcI69
booty band fans, perhaps? #belechere #streetstyle t.co/QDDp3HAr
Sock monkey hat. #belechere #streetstyle t.co/FOL7rmsT
Macrame back. #belechere #streetstyle t.co/YzcJ3pUX
#belechere #streetstyle t.co/PRBPKaAH
Back details #belechere #streetstyle t.co/0gJjK4rE
Edwardian #streetstyle! t.co/jEelkooI cc: @PushProduction @stylegirljj @AyokaLu @ayanaberry @anyslyenchanter
Captain hat! #streetstyle t.co/8Nk5c314
The current protest group outside includes a dog wearing a hoodie, backpack and assless chaps. #streetstyle t.co/pkJFZE6z
Leather + sweater. #streetstyle t.co/vrd53kXD
The red fedora. #streetstyle t.co/b09xEFDn
Red skirt, black leather #streetstyle by Max Cooper t.co/i6d4VCoZ
Military jackets, ankle boots, dresses #streetstyle t.co/ewnFGPj5
jeans, scarf, hightops #streetstyle by Max Cooper. t.co/YLmIHpUW
Layla in a shirt dress. #streetstyle t.co/ccBZls3D
Mary in a furry poncho. #streetstyle t.co/6l1thr5K
A pair of trapper hats. #streetstyle t.co/R0FC9en4
Photo by Max Cooper. #streetstyle t.co/eOa6Lh3d
Red & green dressing w/ Thoms boots. #streetstyle t.co/JWyrrV5r
Leopard pants, lace up boots, chic scarf, Mickey Mouse sweatshirt #streetstyle t.co/U8Bcc5em

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